Fire Danger / Weather in Hutto

Williamson County Emergency Services District No. 3 believes strongly in Smokey Bear’s important message: Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires! We strive to ensure our community is educated on how to reduce the risk of wildfires. Each of our fire stations has a sign that we update daily to inform you of the current fire danger. You can also find the current Fire Danger Rating at the top of the home page of our website. Here is what each level/color in the Fire Danger Rating System generally means:

Extreme Fire Danger

Fires of all types start quickly and burn intensely.

Very High Fire Danger

Fires can start easily from any cause.

High Fire Danger

Fires can start easily from ignition of small fuels such as grass, leaves, and needles.

Moderate Fire Danger

Accidental causes can start fire, but number of fires is fairly low.

Low Fire Danger

Fuels do not ignite easily unless from an intense heat source.