E.S.D. #3

Williamson County E.S.D #3

Williamson County E.S.D. # 3 holds meetings the fourth Thursday of every month at 12:00pm (noon) in the meeting room of the Hutto Fire Station, located at 501 Exchange Boulevard. Call (512) 759-2616 for more information.

Emergency Services Districts (E.S.D.’s) are political subdivisions established by local voters for the purpose of raising money through ad valorem taxes on all real property located within the district. Some E.S.D.’s use sales taxes to help fund the district. The ad valorem and sales taxes support E.S.D. services designed to protect life through the provision of emergency rescue and ambulance services. E.S.D.’s also protect property from fire through fire services.

An ESD is governed by a board of commissioners who are appointed for two year staggered terms. All members must own real property or be a registered voter in the district where they serve.